Malaysian Food

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  • Published : December 10, 2011
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Malaysian Food
Malaysia is one of the south-east Asian countries. It is divided into two parts, West Malaysia and East Malaysia. West Malaysia or Peninsula Malaysia is attached to the Asian continent, whereas East Malaysia is appended with the Borneo Island and separated from West Malaysia by the South China Sea. Malaysia, better known as Tanah Melayu, was conquered by each Britain, Holland and Japan once before 1957. One of the reasons why Tanah Melayu had remained conquered for five decades was because of its geographical placement. During the conquest of Malaysia pressed by Britain, thousands of immigrants from India and China were taken into Tanah Melayu. After a while, some of the immigrants seemed to have decided to take back to their homelands. The other part of refugees didn't go back to their homes remaining still and became the citizens of Tanah Melayu instead. As a result, not only the number of inhabitants of Tanah Melayu increased, but new customs and cultures were also introduced. One of the important aspects of customs and cultures is food. To these days Malaysia is well known as a multicultural country. There are more than a hundred of various races in Malaysia and each one has its own sort of food to be symbolised with. Some of the main ethnic groups or races in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese and Indian. In Kelantan, one of the states of West Malaysia, Nasi Kerabu is very famous amongst the native folk. In Malay, ‘Nasi’ means rice. ‘Kerabu’ is not much different from the salad resembling a mixture of salt, onion, slices of cucumbers and other ingredients. Nasi Kerabu is special because the rice is coloured with blue. Terengganu is one of the East Coast States of Peninsula Malaysia. If Kelantan is very popular with Nasi Kerabu, Terengganu is very popular with Nasi Dagang. In Malay, the word ‘dagang’ means business or something that is related to it. It is called Nasi Dagang because in the ancient times, the native people used to sell it from one...
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