Malaysia: A Well-Devised and Strict Process to Acquire Driving License

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Question 7
Malaysia has been acknowledged to have one of the most well devised and strict process to acquire driving licence in the world. This can clearly be seen as how the Malaysian driving licence is accepted for use in over 50 countries around the world. The driving licence acquiring process are managed by the Road and Transport Department, and conducted by the collaborating driving schools around Malaysia.

To acquire a Malaysian driving licences, the applicant have to first register and send their application to The Road and Transport Department of their district. The registration can be done directly through the department or through the driving schools. The minimum age to apply for the driving licence is 17 years old at the year of registration.

After completing the registration process, the applicant will go through a 6 hour driving curriculum lecture including 3 hours practical workshop. This lecture and workshop sessions are implemented to provide the applicants basic theoretical knowledge about the rules, regulations, and driving safety, and practical knowledge on understanding basic vehicle anatomy and how to handle basic emergency cases such as a tyre puncture. Both of the lecture and workshop are conducted by the driving institute of the applicant choice. After attending the lecture and workshop at the driving institute, the applicant have to take part I examination. The part I examination consist of colour blind, identification and distinguishing capability, and knowledge on the Malaysian rules and regulation on driving. These test are done using computerised system excluding some special cases such as cases that deal with senior citizen and people who have problem with using computers.

After completing the part I examination, successful applicants will receive their learners’ driver’s licence. The learners’ “L” driver’s licence allows the applicant to drive with the supervision of a qualified trainer without any other passengers. With...
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