Malaysia, a Place I Call Home

Topics: Malaysia, Singapore, Curry Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: December 8, 2012
just like many other countries, Malaysia has its hidden gems as well as traps. The idea is to discover the gems and to avoid the traps. I will share with you all that I know and love about this beautiful and friendly country where I was born and where I call home. Though it is a relatively young country, gaining independence from the British only in 1957, it has an interesting history and a rich and diverse culture. Here you'll discover more about Malaysia, and hopefully discover the gems. Check out the things you can do in Malaysia. The Malays here are similar to the Malays of Indonesia and the Philippines. They form about 60% of the population. This is followed by the Chinese, like me, so I am Malaysian Chinese but not a Malay, at about 25% of its population. The Indians form about 8% of its population. The others include indigenous people of the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. There are also significant numbers of Eurasians here too. Being different in culture and religious beliefs have contributed to making us very unique and interesting. Though Islam is the official religion, there is freedom of religion in Malaysia. You'll be surprised by the number of churches and temples you will see during your visit here. Malaysia contains speakers of 137 living languages, The official language of Malaysia is known as Bahasa Malaysia. Despite that, English remains an active second language in many areas of Malaysian society and is compulsory, serving as the medium of instruction for Maths and Sciences in all public schools. Follow it will be Chinese and Tamil, mother language of Chinese and indian. Malaysia is muslim contry but our citizen can choose any religion they one here. So if you pay a visit to Malaysia, you will see a lot of Chinese temple, Christian church, tamil temple and of course Islam muslim mosque in different design. As I said above Malaysia is a country of multi-ethnic society practising multi-culturalism and multi-religion. Each ethnic group practises...
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