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Malaysia Research Document

Malaysia lies in South East Asia beneath Thailand and adjacent to the islands of Indonesia. It is a constitutional monarchy comprised of 13 states and 3 federal territories.

The following data comes from the US Department of State website.


Malaysia is 329,847 sq. km. (127,315 sq. mi.). Roughly larger than New Mexico. It’s capital city is Kuala Lumpur. Other major cities include Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, Johor Baru, Shah Alam, Klang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Baru, Kuala Terengganu, Miri, Petaling Jaya.

The landscape is characterized by Coastal plains with an interior of dense, jungle-covered mountains, crisscrossed by the large muddy rivers which commonly occur in South East Asia (such as the Mekong in Vietnam). The South China Sea separates peninsular Malaysia from East Malaysia – situated on the island of Borneo. Malaysia’s climate is humid and tropical with a wet and dry season.


The people of Malaysia are referred to as Malaysians. They number about 28.3 million, 91.8% of which are nationals and 8.2% which are aliens. The largest enthic group within the population are the Ethnic Malays, making up 67.4%. They are the descendants of the indegnious people of Malaysia. The Chinese make up 24.6%, Indians 7.3%, and various others making up 0.7%.

Religons practiced in Malaysia Include
Islam - 61.3%. Buddhism - 19.8%, Christianity - 9.2%, Hinduism 6.3%, other/none 3.4%.

Languages Spoken Include: Bahasa Melayu which is the official spoken language. Various dialects of Chinese such as Mandarin and Kantonese, English, Tamil, and indigenous languages.

The working force is 10.89 million strong. Job types include: Services - 57%, industry - 28%, (manufacturing - 19%, mining and construction - 9%), agriculture - 15%.


Malaysia’s government is a Federal Parliamentary...
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