Malaysia Goodday Mates

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Malaysia Goodday Mates

By | April 2011
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Goodday mates! Salam sejahtera, Namaste, namashkar and wu-ann. Am I proud of my country? Of course I do. I’m proud to be a Malaysian. I’m proud of my country and all the other races that live together peacefully and in harmony. But,why am I proud of my country? There should be a reason for everything, shouldn’t there? Well, firstly Malaysia is a peaceful country. It is harmonious and quiet as there isn’t any war. Albert Einstein once said: ‘Nationalism is the scourage of mankind’. Malaysia is capable of greatness- immense and gargantuan greatness. Secondly, it is home for outstanding architecture, such as the Petronas Twin Towers,which is one of the tallest sky-scrapers in the world, KL Tower, Berjaya Times Square and many others. Malaysia is blessed with a large variety of ethnic groups. The main three races are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. There is religious freedom as enshrined in the constitution. There is respect among each other and not any hatred that can spoil the true diversity of Malaysia. Malaysians get to be in the festive mood throughout the year. During this times, we invite people of all walks of life to our open houses, which are cultivated in no other countries in the world except Malaysia. Malaysia is the only country that practises this wonderful culture of having open houses where we share our generosity with others. Furthermore, being a multiracial country, Malaysia have over the years adapted to each other’s dishes to suit the taste buds of their own culture. For instance, seeing the Chinese and Malays having their meals in an Indian restaurant on a banana leaf. Isn’t that is enough to prove the true Malaysian spirit? And that makes me proud to be a Malaysian.  Other than the above reasons, I love Malaysia because it has no major natural disasters, such as volcano eruptions, major earthquakes and droughts. Malaysians are so thankful because they are not exposed to the vagaries of nature. Malaysia is situated in a geographically strategic...

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