Malaysia Airlines

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1.0 Introduction

Figure 1.0 The MAS Way
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is the national airline of Malaysia. It serves diverse international and local destinations. There are only five airlines awarded a 5-star rating by Skytrax besides Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. Malaysia Airlines has started its operation in 1947 with the name Malayan Airways. When Singapore separated from Malaysia at year 1965, Malayan Airways changed its name into Malaysia-Singapore Airlines and ended its operation. After it ended, it became operational and just being divide to Malaysian Airline System and Singapore Airlines. In 1987, the name Malaysian Airline System have renamed as Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines’s vision is to be the world’s five star value carrier (FSVC). Mission of Malaysia Airlines is to be a consistently profitable airline. With a clear mission, Malaysia Airlines achieved a profit of RM500 million in 2008. Malaysia Airlines System Berhad is engaged in the business in air transportation and the provision of related services. It operated over 100 aircrafts, and it operates in two business segments. The airline operations segment is engaged in the operation of aircraft for passenger. The cargo service segment is engaged in the operation of aircraft for cargo and mail services. Malaysia Airlines in on track with its Passenger Service System (PSS) implementation and working closely with SITA Departure Control System (SITA DCS) enables Malaysia Airlines to be fully eTicket-capable, allows passengers to check in for their flights via the Internet or via the various Common User Self Service (CUSS). Malaysia Airlines has taken an unprecedented move with its “Everyday Low Fares” (ELF) programme. The national carrier is offering zero or low-fare seats for its entire domestic destination. Malaysia Airlines provide a number of in-flight services. They focus on improving the quality standard of food, and improving the cabin crew’s performance. Among the in-flight services, the most prominent one is provide in-flight mobile phone service. Malaysia airline is the first in Asia to provide this service. Passengers can safely use their mobile device during the “cruise” phase of the flight without affecting aircraft system and ground telecoms networks. Malaysia Airlines growing with leaps and bounds, therefore they needed a set of corporate objectives and goals to conduct their crew. Corporate culture is the individuality of an organization. Culture is the set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms that members of an organization share to enhance organization performance. Corporate culture is particularly important to the organizations, because the organization’s culture will affect the organization in many ways. Many organizations realize that despite the best-laid plan, organization must change include not only changing structures and processes, but also changing the corporate culture as well. Such as how people interact with each other in the workplace, the dress for work. Malaysia Airlines is imposing adaptability culture. Adaptability culture is a culture characterized by values that support the company’s ability to interpret and translate signals from the behavior responses. Malaysia Airlines is practicing the adaptability culture that requires fast response and high-risk decision making. Malaysia Airlines is also required to pay close attention to its customers. The reason Malaysia Airlines imposing adaptability culture because it must move quickly to respond to rapid changes in the environment

2.0 Corporate Culture
Corporate culture refers to the attitudes, beliefs, shared values, standards which characterize members of an organization. Corporate culture is embedded in an organization’s goal, strategies, structure and approaches to labour, customer, investor and community. Hence, each aspect of organization culture is important because it can affect the organization system and its...
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