Malayan Heritage

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Philippine HistoryMalayan HeritageA. Food and Drinks
Rice – staple food of the FilipinosOther foods: Carabao meat, pork, chicken, sea turtles, fish,bananas, etc.Cook and store food and water in earthen pots and bamboo tubes.Ate with fingersThey made fireWines:tuba – coconut winebasi – sugarcane – Ilocanopangasi – fermented rice – Bisayanlambanog – cocnut palm – Tagalogtapuy – rice - Igorot B. Mode of Dressing

MenKangan – collarless, short-sleeved jacketBahag – strip of cloth wrapped around the waist and legsPutong – a piece of cloth wound around the headNo shoesJewelry – gold necklace, gold armlets (kalombigas), and gold ankletsfilled with precious stonesWomenBaro – wide-sleeved jacketPatadyong – a cotton cloth wrapped around their waist thatextends to the feet.Jewels – gold necklace, bracelet, earrings and tings filed withgems.-they are both barefoot- inserted gold between teeth C. House

Materials: Wood, bamboo, palm leavesBatalan – a gallery where the jars of water and othersThey have tree houses and boathouses D. Natural courtesy and politeness
Equal rank – remove putongSuperior – Remove putong, hang on left, bowConversation: uses “po”Walking together: men behind women- bathe daily – sunset hour, when everything is done- wash their feet before entering the house E. Amusement/ Music/ Dances

- Filipinos are fond of merriment- celebrate good harvest, wedding, religious sacrifice and victory inwar- games: carabao race, wrestling, fencing, boat-race, stonethrowing contest Some musical instruments

Kudyapi – Taglog guitarKalaleng – Tinggian nose fluteKulintang – Moro xylophoneTultogan – Bisayan bamboo drumSiulbay – Ilocano reed fluteSuracan – Subanun cymbal Dances and songs
express aspects of life such as love, war, labor,religion and deathKumintang – Tagalog love danceMahinhin – Tagalog courtship danceDandansoy – Bisayan tuba danceKinnotan – Ilocano art’s dancePaujalay – Moro wedding danceTadek – Tinggian love danceDallu – Negrito religious songAyog-ku –...
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