Malay Culture and Society

Topics: Music, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Malay Culture and Society
“Malaysian Music”

Tounsi Marwa

Malaysian music

Music is an art that is complementary and touches to the culture of a country. As for example Malaysian music that summarize all different culture in Malaysia like Indians Malay and Chinese. In this article I will try to list and describe different types of Malaysian music. As known, Malaysian music is classified by three or more different types such as folk, classic , popular and contemporary. Nobat and Maklong are two kinds of Folk and classic Malaysian music that were developed before colonization. However other races such as Chinese and Indian has their own music and varieties. Folk Music

Because of its location. Malaysian traditional music has been influenced by the culture around it like for example Indonesian music, indian and their music. As all music Malaysian music is derived from what we call “ percussion instruments” such as drums according to Wikipedia there is 14 types of traditional drums and often there are other instruments made of natural materials .

You can find traditional Music in malay celebrations.
In east Malaysia, in ceremonies of funerals and weddings they use gong-based music such as agung and kulintag. Kelantan and terenganu malay are associated and influenced by south china sea area and that’s make them different from people from the west cost of Malaya. the real habitants of Malaya are used to divert as a group named Ketak which are specialized in swift and rhythmic music. In other hand some of Malaysian traditional music is developed from Arabic music and dance also.

Second race in Malaysia in term of population is Chinese race , and they have their own culture and ofcourse their own type of music; the modern Chinese orchestra. It is a mix of western traditional Chinese musical instruments. Even though, its mixture repose of imported music from other parts of ASIA like for example Hong Kong. However some of the Chinese...
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