Malay Agriculutural Settlement (M.A.S) - Kampong Bharu, Malaysia

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In 1890, Kuala Lumpur has become a municipal declared by the British. In the same year, the Malays who are staying scattered around Kuala Lumpur have been moved to a new settlement area which is now known as the area of Kampong Baharu. The settlements exist there were according to their ethnics such Kampung Melaka which consists of Melaka people who have expertise in trading and pottery. Kampung Rawa villagers who come from Rawa, Indonesia are artistic, good in carpentry and carving and Javanese which stayed in Kampung Jawa are good in agriculture. These ethnic defined villages were later known as Kampung Periok and Kampung Hujong Pasir. ‘Perikatan Perkampungan’ between Kampung Masjid and Kampung Periok were made in the 1890’s. Later on, it was followed by the other villages at the area.

The formation of ‘Perikatan Perkampungan ‘diagram.

In 1899, the declaration of ‘Malay Agriculture Settlement’ (M.A.S) has been made. On 12th January 1900, the fifth Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Alaeddin Suleiman has inaugurated the land awarded by his predecessor, Sultan Abdul Samad with the area of 223 acres to the board of M.A.S. There are 7 villages managed by the board which are Kampung Masjid, Kampung Hujong Pasir, Kampung Periok, Kampung Paya, Kampung Atas A, Kampung Atas B, and Kampung Pindah.

M.A.S area was established with his own enactment under the Selangor government. This enactment states that the settlement is specifically for Malays which come from Malay Archipelago, Islam as the religion, speaks in Malay language and practise Malay custom and declared by M.A.S as Malay. The M.A.S by-law consists of the law about land inheritance, settlement and the settlers.

The purpose of M.A.S

The emblem of Malay Agricultural Settlement

The settlement came into being in 1889 as a result of the expressed desire of the Resident General and the British Resident of Selangor to:- 1. Educate the...
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