Malard Manufactoring

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Malard Manufacturing Company
1. The balance of the structure in Malard Manufacturing is very flat and horizontal, and basically has very little vertical structure at all. Julie Crandell who is the executive vice president, likes to keep very tight control among the organisation in which she controls. Julie demands that department managers check with her before any significant decision are made or changed, by doing this Julie has made her span of control too big for her to handle in the due time she has to complete it by, it's become very difficult for Julie as she has to deal with new inexperienced department managers, who are becoming uncommunicative and frustrated with each other.

Vertical organisational structure means a strict top down structure. Typically this structure has been a favored form for many business and other types of organisations. In such an organisation, the chain of command is usually very important and must be followed. In faster moving, dynamic conditions, a vertical organizational structure can become very inefficient, for example, requiring decisions to slowly go through many people along the vertical chain of command before actions can be made by those who need permission to act.

Horizontal organizational structure means a flat or closer to flat organizational. In a perfectly horizontal structure, there are no leaders, so usually this means a structure that is still vertical, but has been made more horizontal than what is typically referred to as vertical, Julie's structure for example. In general, any large organizational structure has both vertical and horizontal aspects to it and depending on whether it is considered to be more vertical or more horizontal results in what it is called.

The communication between executive vice president Julie and the department managers is minimal as stated above. Julie needs to work out a new strategy of horizontal communication that will give her the results she needs, possibly a centralised wheel approach for faster and more accurate communication. Examples of different horizontal communication are as follows.

Intradepartmental problem solving. These messages take place among members of the same department and concern task accomplishments. For example: 'Bec, can you please help us fill out the inventory report form?'

Interdepartmental coordination. Interdepartmental messages facilitate the accomplishment of joint projects or tasks. For example: 'Bec, please contact the Materials department and arrange a meeting to discuss the specifications for the new product materials, we may not be able to meet there needs'. Change initiative and improvements. These messages are designed to share information among teams and departments that can help the organisation change, grow and improve. For example: 'We are having a discussing about the budgets of several departments and would like your input for the discussion'.

2. If I were Julie Crandell, I would feel compelled to organise a project meeting with all department managers and discuss a way to create a new strategy or work out the difficulties in the existing one, so that it will be successfully appropriate to attain the result we need as an organisation.

Whilst having the project meeting and discussing the new deadline for project CV305 and receiving all department managers input and problems, I would then organise weekly project meetings along with regular progress reports, I would then suggest a decentralised management approach, the advantage is Julie the Senior manager would have time to then concentrate on the most important decisions, as the other decisions can be undertaken by other people down the organisation structure.

Some good examples of having a decentralised management approach are, Decision making is a form of empowerment, and empowerment can increase motivation and therefore mean that staff output increases. Empowerment will enable departments and their employees to respond...
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