malak and the seven camels

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  • Published : November 14, 2013
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malak and the seven camels

By: Mariam Al Neyadi

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Malak, her name means Angel. She had the most beautiful and touching voice in the Arabian desert. And when she sings it seems like all world stopped and listen to her beautiful voice, except for her step mother the evil queen Shaashabuna. She was jealous from Malak and the attention she gets from everyone.

One day, Shaashabuna ordered one of her knights to take Malak to the desert at night to kill her there, The knight couldn't do it, he was like everyone else's in love with Malak's voice. So her released her and went back to the evil queen Shaashabuna and told her that he killed Malak. Shaashabuna didn't believe him, so she decided to summon a genie to ask him for help to kill Malak or her pretty voice at least. "Hey Shaashabuna, long time no see. How can I help you?" the genie said. "I want you to help me with Malak" Shaashabuna answered and continued "I'm sick of her walking around singing, she…" " I can help you of course" the genie interrupted her. Then he gave her a bottle of honey. "this will solve your all of problems" he said. "HONEY?!!! You are giving me HONEY? I want to end her voice not make it better" she screamed at him. "No silly, this is not like any ordinary honey, this honey will take away her voice, she's somewhere in the desert go there and put it in her coffee!" he said in very evil way.

Meanwhile, Malak was in the desert, alone, hungry and afraid. While she was walking in the desert she saw pack of seven camels living in small farm, she asked the camels "Can I stay for the night here?" "Of course, you can. Only if you will sing for us" one of the camels said. Malak smiled and said "sure." And she did.

In the Morning Shaasabuna went for the camels' farm while they were racing. And she dosed Malak's Coffee with the honey that the genie gave her, when they came back, Malak was cheering them while she was drinking the Coffee....
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