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During this Malacca trip, I learnt a lot of things about cultures, traditions and much more! And today, I am here to share my experiences and thoughts about the Malacca trip.

Day 1:

During the trip on the bus, I was very excited. I sat with my best friend, Isaiah. When we reached the first place, a plantation, we saw many things. We also got to see the starfruit tree. But other than only seeing plants, we also got to try to collect sap from a rubber tree! It was very fun.

Then, we went to another plantation where the guide showed us different plants, some were even very nice smelling! After that, we went around the plantation and came to a place where there were two huts. The first hut was where we learnt how to spin a top. Next, we went to the second hut where we drank cold orange juice and kicked a Malaysian shuttlecock.

We got back on the bus and went to a coffee plantation. There, the guide showed us a coffee plant and fruit. And when she opened the fruit the coffee bean was inside! Next, we went past a river. The villagers there says that in a legend, a crocodile lived there and it ate the villagers here.

Finally, we went to the hotel where Mr. Koh, the teacher-in-charge for the immersion trip, gave us a lecture. Then, we went to the hotel rooms where each of us bathed. At last, we went to sleep.

The next day, we woke up early in the morning. We boarded the bus to go to the Malacca International School. There the children were older than us but we got along well. They showed us worm farms, fertilizers and how to make windmills. We had a lot of fun.

then we went to a farm in the school where we saw all kinds of birds.

Then, we went to a church. We did our worksheets there and the guide explained to us about the Malacca history. Next, we headed to the Malacca warship structure. In there was not only a warship structure but also an exhibit of different warships and things about the warship.

After that,...
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