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WHEREAS, the broad spectrum of environment has become a matter of vital concern to the government; WHEREAS, the national leadership has taken a step towards this direction by creating the National Environmental Protection Council under Presidential Decree No. 1121; WHEREAS, it is necessary that the creation of the Council be implemented with the launching of a comprehensive program of environmental protection and management; WHEREAS, such a program can assume tangible and meaningful significance only by establishing specific environment management policies and prescribing environment quality standards in a Philippine Environment Code: NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby order and decree: Section 1. Short Title. This Decree shall be known and cited as the "Philippine Environment Code." TITLE I

Section 2. Purposes. The purposes of this Title are:
(a) to achieve and maintain such levels of air quality as to protect public health; and (b) to prevent to the greatest extent practicable, injury and/or damage to plant and animal life and property, and promote the social and economic development of the country. Chapter I

Section 3. Ambient Air Quality Standards. There shall be established ambient air quality standards which shall prescribe the maximum concentration of air pollutants permissible in the atmosphere consistent with public health, safety and general welfare. In the establishment of ambient air quality standards, factors such as local atmospheric conditions, location and land use, and available technology, shall be considered among others. Section 4. National Emission Standards. There shall be established national emission standards for new and existing stationary and mobile sources of pollution which shall consider among others such factors as type of industry, practicable control technology available, location and land use, and the nature of pollutants emitted. Section 5. Community Noise Standards. Appropriate standards for community noise levels shall be established considering, among others, location, zoning and land use classification. Section 6. Standards for Noise-Producing Equipment. There shall be established a standard for noise producing equipment such as construction equipment, transportation equipment, stationary engines, and electrical or electronic equipment and such similar equipment or contrivances. The standards shall set a limit on the acceptable level of noise emitted from a given equipment for the protection of public health and welfare, considering among others, the magnitude and condition of use, the degree of noise reduction achievable through the application of best available technology and the cost of compliance. The Installation of any noise-producing equipment shall conform with the requirements of Presidential Decree No. 1096 and other applicable laws as well as their implementing rules and regulations. Section 7. Aircraft Emission and Sonic Booms. Appropriate government agencies shall encourage research studies on the harmful effects of aircraft emissions in the environment in order to establish permissible emission standards. Research and studies shall also be undertaken to mitigate and/or minimize the effects of sonic booms in the environment. Chapter II

Regulation and Enforcement
Section 8. Air Quality and Noise Standards. The National Pollution Control Commission in coordination with appropriate government agencies shall be responsible for the enforcement of ambient air quality emission and noise standards, including the monitoring and surveillance of air pollutants, licensing and permitting of air pollution control facilities, and the promulgation of appropriate rules and regulations. Existing air quality emission and noise standards may be revised...
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