Making a Job Offer

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Making a Job Offer

1. Recommend whether Jane should receive a best shot, competitive or lowball offer, and why? Given the situation presented in the case, it would seem that Clean Car Care should make a best shot offer to Jane. There are a number of reasons to justify this decision. First, Jane has been an excellent performer at her current employer. Jane is line for a promotion at her current employer. The case indicated that Jane’s employer will most likely make a counteroffer, if 3Cs offers her the manager job.

The point is, Jane will need to be given some strong incentives to draw her away from her current employer. Second, the issue of working on weekends may become a serious obstacle to reaching an agreement between the two parties. 3Cs’ strategy will need to make the best overall job offer to hopefully compensate for the job’s requirement for working on weekends.

A low ball offer would likely be totally uncompetitive with Jane’s current employment situation. Jane is obviously not “desperate” for another job, although she is willing to change jobs if the terms are right. Her current employment situation is quite favorable; she is due for a promotion soon and she is making a competitive salary and receives good benefits.

A competitive offer would still be unlikely to induce Jane to accept the job offer from 3Cs. This would be especially true given the significant mismatch between the working schedule and Jane’s scheduling preferences. A competitive offer could potentially match Jane’s current employment situation in terms of salary and benefits, but recall that Jane is likely to be promoted shortly; this would make 3Cs “competitive” job offer “uncompetitive.” 2.Recommend other inducements beyond salary, health insurance, vacation and hours schedule that might be addressed in the job offer and why.

Two specific examples of inducements discussed in the text which are relevant here are: 1. hiring bonuses, and 2. relocation...
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