Making a Difference as a Clinical Nurse Educator

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Making a Difference as a Clinical Nurse Educator

I think nursing education is a unique education. Professional education of any kind requires both cognitive and affective learning. You need to learn not only ABOUT nursing, but also how to BE a nurse. Nursing is also unique among the allied health professions in that it covers a very broad area of knowledge. Almost anything dealing with health and illness, both physical and mental is subject to nursing care. And there's that word care. Many professions care, but caring has a special meaning in nursing. Nurses see caring almost as an intervention, not just having concern for the well-being of others. At present, I am really determined to pursue and finish the Master’s program for Nurses . I have a high esteem for the nursing profession and have so much respect in the kind of noble work rendered by those engaged in this practice. It is my personal goal to be able to teach students under the nursing degree program and extend my knowledge and skills to roles such as nursing management and administration. Another personal plan of mine is to establish my own home for the aged or a general nursing home and manage the said establishment together with other competent members of the health care team.

In line with my plan to teach, I have thought of some strategies to use. I would like to be experimental in such a way I would like to try personally Knowles’ Adult Learner Principles (see attached article for this)in teaching. We haven’t tackled much about this in our clinical teaching class but sometimes these principles are used by nurse educators to differentiate their teaching methods for returning adult students from the young adult students out of high school. "Adult" learning principles seem to make the assumption that non-adult students should learn by rote and that grades are their only motivation to learn. I must have had some really good teachers over my lifetime because the influence is very strong. I...
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