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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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|Advice |Student work |What does better writing look like? | |Begin with strong assertive language that shows |In the film Mississippi Burning, racism is represented effectively throughout the |Mississippi Burning is a film which powerfully and evocatively represents racism in a manner which | |what you think. |first scenes. This was done by showing the different bubblers that the white people|leaves the audience in no doubt at all that racism is evil. This is most evident in the | |Use the film terms that you have been taught in |and the Negro people had to use. The white bubbler was a refrigerated one and the |establishing sequence. This sequence began with a medium shot focussing on two water fountains. | |class- this will be good for C3 –aesthetics |Negro bubbler was a broken non-refrigerated one. This represents the racism that |The signage of white and colored, with the white sign being higher than the coloured was subtle | |The selection of items should be based on the |is present in Mississippi straight away and symbolises that the whites are the |representation of the hierarchy within the South. There is quite an extended amount of time on this| |best information to prove your point. You also |preferred race. This is followed on by a car of cops chasing the care of activists |shot, signifying its importance. The lighting shrouds the white drinker in darkness, again quite | |need to select evidence that will not impede the|and pulling them over. This results in the death of the three activists. This is |subtly positioning the audience to reject the values that privilege white people over Negro people. | |fluency of your writing. |authentic representation as the shooting of the three...
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