Making the Team

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Words are not just random syllables put together to sound cool. Words mean something, they have a huge affect on the people around us. They can bring a person down or make them the happiest person alive. Words have affected me throughout my life, but this year a couple sentences finally enabled me to accomplish my goal.

It all started last year, my freshman year. It was the begining of highschool. All new things all around me, nothing was familar. I had new classes, new teachers, and new friends. More importantly, I started a new sport called volleyball. Volleyball seemed very interesting to me because it requires accuracy and extreme coordination. I played it recreationally at the beach but I never played the sport for a team. I decided to try out for the team, I made it. I didnt really know what to play and they did not have someone for the position called a setter, so i stepped up. I loved it, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I never stopped playing it, we went undefeated all year.

I watched the Varsity volleyball players play there games and I was astonished. I thought they were too good to be real, I wanted to be them. It seemed unachieveable at the time but with a lot of practice I thought it could be done. I practiced my setting everyday, in my room, on the beach, or wherever I had enough space to set a ball. I joined a club team to improve my skills, they were even on a different level than I was. I knew I would have to work hard to even keep up with them. I had to achieve my goal.

The begining of this year is when the highschool volleyball program started practicing again. It was time to show them how much better I got. After a couple practices the coach came up to me and told me that I was going to be moved up to practice with the Varsity team. I finally did it, after a year and a half of hard training I am playing with the Varsity kids that I thought were gods a little less than a year ago.

Those couple sentences that...
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