Making the Best of Opportunities and Facing Challenges of Life

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  • Published : June 21, 2012
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Lim Brille Thomas Jr.
Fifth Grade
Howell Park Elementary
East Baton Rouge Parish

In life not many opportunities or given but, I am a opportunist. This camp is a great opportunity for me to show I have what it takes to be somebody. If I am accepted for this camp I will take in any and all knowledge that is given. I hope to gain a better outlook on science. I hope to learn many things I can apply to my future ambitions in science. And meet some people who are interested in learning many things in life. In the future this camp will help me understand importants of science. I hope the camp show me things about science that applies to my everyday life. I think I should be selected to attend this camp because, I really enjoy learning. Learning is my passion I love to challenge myself. If anything I do is too easy I will try to see if there are more challenging lessons. I really hope to be selected because I feel this will be a new challenge in my life I want to get accomplished. Please consider me to attend your science camp at Southern University; I will not waste any of the time if I am selected. In closing I want to say life is filled with adventures. I am very young but, I feel that I will be somebody. I know that this camp will help me to feed my great hunger for knowledge. Please see me for what I am a young man filled with dreams and strong ambitions.
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