Making of Ice Cream

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Ice-cream is a frozen dessert usually made from daily products, such as milk, cream, and often combined with other ingredient and flavors. In order to incorporate air and prevent ice crystals from forming, the mixture must stir while cooling process. Let our discussed about history of ice-cream. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Jews were called ice-cream as a chill wine or juices. In the first century, messengers were sent by the Emperor Nero to mountain to collect the snow so that his kitchen staff could make concoctions flavored with honey and fruit. Twelve century later, frozen dessert was introduced by Marco Polo to Europe. The frozen confections were like by the Italians. In the result, the first public sale of ice-cream occurred in Paris at the Cafe Procope in 1670. Because the ice was expensive and refrigeration had not been invented, ice cream was considered a treat for the wealthy communities. In the 19th century, development of ice harvesting and the insulated icehouse made ice more accessible to the general public. In the early 20th century , electric power and mechanical refrigeration were brought by the industrialization that improved production. Nowadays ice-cream also offered by the upscale restaurant on their dessert lists. Making ice-cream goes through seven main processing stages. The seven stages are blending, pasteurizing, homogenizing, ageing, freezing, packaging and hardening.

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Additives are blended with the milk for six to eight minutes and the blended mixture is piped to the pasteurization machine.

A uniform texture are produced when the mixture is blended as it’s enter the pump cylinder in homogenizing process.

The mixture is aged for four hours and the liquid...
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