Making Love a Committment

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Valerie Vera
Professor Dobyns
English 60 – 11775
17 October 2012
Making Love A Commitment
Love songs have a great impact on listeners when they feel they need a touch of romance. Many people can relate to the lyrics. Just by hearing the words and the sound of music can bring comfort and support from the affection towards another person. The song writers can clearly state that they used their personal life experience to make the song more relevant. To also have the listeners have a melody to a love song that they can easily relate too, so they can feel the appreciation of their significant other. Romance is defined in the song “I Swear” by All-4-One to identify that love is making a commitment and will never fail no matter what obstacles are approached with their partner.

This song says a lot about having a strong connection in their married life. The listeners can see that the song writers makes it clear that they will always be with their significant other no matter what else may be going on in their life at the moment. “…I swear like the shadow that’s by your side, I’ll be there…”. They used the phrase “shadow” because it means that no matter what the partner is going through or whatever the situation may be, someone that cares for them will always be there wherever they go. The listeners can relate to those lyrics because it shows that their partner is willing to sacrifice anything in order to be right next to them in any time of the day.

The song represents unconditional love. As long as they still have that great bond with each other, they will never have to worry about hurting each other in a emotional way. When people get their hearts broken, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will never love again. Nobody’s perfect they will soon have another chance at love. There will be some situations that can lead a person to break down in tears having doubts about their relationship. When things go fine and nothing is wrong, or just simply because they...
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