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“If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” This quote by Leo Tolstoy reveals the cruelty in the idea of perfection and how the idea of perfection is a barrier for society’s contentment. Society today is enthralled with the idea of perfection and we sacrifice our contentment in search of what we think will be a greater, more satisfying and glorious life. Flawless by Lara Chapman, Soul Surfer by Sean McNamara, Bunheads by Sophie flack and Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult are all stories how the idea of perfection shapes society and in turn shapes our beliefs and behaviour, stopping us from being truly content.

Sarah Burke from the text Flawless is in the midst of teenage angst, riding the tumultuous journey of adolescence, chasing the idea of perfection, the very thief of identity and contentment. A life of sniggers and stares at Sarah’s nose has lead her into a somewhat vulnerable position, Sarah has an enormous nose and this supposed imperfection has affected her attitude towards beauty and clouded her mind with the idea of perfection. The idea of perfection rules her life because of this; Sarah cast aside her News Anchor dreams because she told herself she was too imperfect and settled for print journalism instead. Sarah truly believed this was the right decision even though she had to sacrifice her greatest dream and I think this shows just how much perfection controls us today. Rock Conway, a handsome, intellectual caring boy arrives new to Sarah’s school and she falls head over heels instantly. However Sarah’s perfectly beautiful best friend Kristen flirts with him and Rock falls for her outward perfection. “You are hands down, the most stunning girl in this entire building” Sarah is heartbroken and even more so when Kristen pressures her to be the intellectuality behind the love letters and online chats the couple have. Sarah felt that her and Rock would have been a perfect couple but Kristen had a so called perfect appearance even though she was nowhere near flawless in character and so the relationship went ahead. This shows us how the idea of perfection drives the minds of adolescence today. Sarah believes that she is ugly because she is imperfect and that no guys will ever like her. Perfection is unattainable, it is merely an idea that society has latched onto and yet we as teenagers are craving this illusion just as Sarah did. The easiest way for teenagers to be perfect is in appearance, there is no makeup for the soul, no brightly coloured clothing for the heart and so humans now have the idea that perfection is mostly looks. Kirsten had the looks and the social life, and although Sarah had a beautiful personality she was judged and labelled in society as imperfect.

Another example of the idea of perfection in the text of Flawless is Sarah’s mother. Sarah’s mother is what society believes to be as perfect, a talented and flawless news anchor whose perfect face appears on national television most nights. Sarah’s own mother gave in to the idea of perfection by using plastic surgery in an attempt to gain perfection yet, when off screen she is a moody, busy, bossy, solo mother who tries to pressure Sarah into getting plastic surgery. “I only want what’s best for you, now that you’re a senior you can make those changes we’ve all ways talked about.” “Not we, mum. You. I don’t recall asking for the privilege of having some wacko chop away the nose that you gave me. Just because you changed yours doesn’t mean I have to” This also highlights how perfection not only affects individuals but everybody around them, because her mother had succumbed to this idea of perfection she felt that her daughter should follow suit, because she was chasing perfection she expected everybody else around her to also. Sarah knew her mum wasn’t perfect but was determined to reach perfection, Sarah loved her mother but hated her values because she saw how grasping for...
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