Making Connections

Topics: Protagonist, Character, The Pursuit of Happyness Pages: 5 (1809 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Making Connections.

“In order to succeed, you desire for success should be greater that your fear of failure.” This quote by Bill Cosby highlights how much your mental strength impacts on the ultimate outcome of your dream of success. Whenever you are striving for success there is always going to be failure looming at your heels. To achieve your dreams as Cosby said, your desire for success needs to outweigh your fear of failing. Also, though you aren’t afraid to fail, it’s essential to lose a few fights before you win the gold. Perks of being a wallflower directed Stephen Chbosky, Valerie by Phil Gifford, The Pursuit of Happiness directed by Gabriele Muccino, and No Pain No Gain performed by The Scorpions; all demonstrate a consistent theme of rise to success. Miracles can happen if only you have the mental strength to endure the journey to the top.

Perks of being a wallflower directed by Stephen Chbosky, is a film that portrays the theme of rise to success. The main character Charlie begins as an outcast unaccepted into the new school but discovers a group exactly like him that accepts him and understands him as an equal. The success that Charlie receives, is finally having friends surrounding him, this also takes his mind off his recent loss off his best friend who committed suicide, leaving Charlie to fend for himself. Charlie demonstrates his mental strength throughout the film that leads to success when he calls one of the other characters Patrick, not trying to look cool by participating with everyone else calling him “nothing.” This suggests that he has the ability of accepting and understanding people, which others seem to judge and brush off as unimportant. This simple act of acknowledging Patrick as a real person, seeing his true struggles leads to them becoming instant friends acting as a foot in the door of his success.

The theme of rise to success that links to this film is shown in the contrast of the beginning and end of the film. He begins as a quiet boy starting at high school keeping his head down and sitting alone. At the conclusion of the film you see his character has developed into a fun teenager that is amongst friends and loved ones, being a part of an accepting atmosphere. His head is held high and he can finally laugh and cry with someone’s shoulder to rest his heads on. Perks of being a wallflower to me proves that one simple act of understanding can lead to your rise to success. Charlie highlights this when he doesn’t call Patrick “Nothing” leading onto him achieving the success of discovering true friends who understand him and love him.

Valerie by Phil Gifford is a biography of a truly inspiring athlete and role model New Zealand gets to call their own. These stories of the events of her life demonstrate the theme of rise to success consistently as she continuously gained success throughout her career. Valerie links back to the film Perks of being a wallflower, by both Charlie and Valerie starting off as underdogs, not accepted and having to work from the bottom. At the beginning of Valerie’s career she was a girl from Tonga that didn’t have a lot. She had to really utilise her mental strength to dig herself out of that hole into the big game of individual sport. This also links Charlie to Valerie as they both had no one to support them as they began the journey to success. Charlie started high school abandoned having to find his own way to the top, as did Valerie as she started her pathway to the gold medal by herself at a school athletics day. Valerie had, had no training and her parents didn’t play a big role in her sporting career, leaving her to support herself. These two characters portray major self-discipline as they make their way to success off their own backs.

One event in Valerie’s life that her biography touches on is when she first picked up the shot put at the age of 13, beating her schools record barefoot and untrained by two meters. Her natural talent shining...
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