Making Changes

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Richard Wulf
University of Phoenix
Margaret Boice
January 21, 2013

Making Changes
At Kelsey High School, more than 30% of the student body has failed either the English Language Arts or the Mathematics state exam. The state has required all students to pass the exit exam in order to graduate from high school. Although the students will have multiple opportunities to retake the test throughout the year, the students are running out of time. The high school is in a position where changes is not only needed but has become necessary. The school accountability is dependent on the number of students that have passed their exit exam. Creating a Guiding Coalition

The reason the state has begun mandated common assessments was to evaluate the progress of each student and make sure they have mastered an agreed upon set of standards. The primary source of motivation for a teacher should be to provide the best possible education and have the students meet the minimum standards. However, a second set of positive motivating factors can be the teachers pride associated with the students achieving that goal. A negative consequence can be the reputation the school will earn for having low test scores and the possibility of it affecting a teacher’s ability to seek employment. For the community, low performing schools result in lowering the value of individual’s houses. The next step would be to involve the staff and the community in a collaborative session to push for organizational change. “Accountability through collaboration becomes the checks and balances for motivating change” (Paroby & White, 2010). Developing Vision and Strategy

Members of the community and the staff of the school need to know there is a plan and the direction the school is headed. The vision statement needs to be engaging and descriptive of the future plans of the organization (Anderson, 2010). The leaders have to demonstrate a clear...
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