Making Bad Decisions

Topics: Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Frankenstein Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Carlos Tovar
English 1301.69
Mrs. Dorman
September 10, 2012
Making the Wrong Decisions Because of Appearance
How many times have I heard: I should, or should not, have done this? Or if I had done this, I might have had this? The only reason why we say these comments is because at some point in our lives we have made bad decisions and have regretted them. There are many reasons why people make bad decisions—they might be insecure about themselves, or their abilities; or they were not mature enough; or their decisions were dependent upon superficial things. Mary Shelley in her book Frankestein makes a point about how humanity can make bad decisions because we base them on appearance instead of reality. Frankestein is a book that talks about Victor Frankestein, a man trying become as his Creator, and his story which becomes full of tragedy and guilt because of a decision he made. Since Victor was a kid, he was fascinated with the idea that magic was the best way to know God. At Ingoldtadt Victor felt a strong connection with Mr. Krempe, his chemistry teacher, who accepted Victor as his disciple. After taking many courses and becoming a great scientist, Victor began to experiment on dead corpses with the purpose of learning from life and death. After investigating and experimenting, Victor gains the power to bestow life upon a lifeless object and began a project that was to remake a human from dead corpses and return life to it. When Victor finished his creation, he looked at it, with only one glimpse he realized what he had made, a hideous monster. Towards the end of the story, Victor loses all of his relatives and loved ones and chases the monster to have his vengeance.

Tovar 2
When Victor realized that he had created a monster with unmeasurable ugliness, Victor ran from his creation and went far. When the monster learned how to speak and sustain a conversation, he searched for his master for answers and a petition, which was to have his...
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