Making an Imperative Decision

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You just obtained an internship position in the Marion Tax accounting firm in the small town of Cedarville. This particular company only hires two to three interns during their busy season, which is during tax season and also in the fall as well. The majority of this company’s clients are local businesses and personal tax returns. During your interview you are informed of the job duties, responsibilities, procedures, policies, and the approximate number of hours you will be working each week. These items seem very similar to other small accounting firms, and the people whom you spoke with you seemed to easily connect with. You felt as if this was your match in terms of job preference and where you would like to work full time. As you begin your new job, you are “assigned” to a manager named Betty, one of the employees that have been with the company for a very long time. This lady is very wise, and is who “shows you the ropes” in your new position. You have heard extremely great things about her from various individuals in the company such as her reliability, flexibility, endurance, and quality of work.

As some time progresses, you observe significant changes in Betty’s work performance, tardiness, and health conditions. Also, you are assigned to another manager as well as Betty as a result of her increased absenteeism. You become worried as to what is happening with Betty, given that she impacted you more than any other person in the company and you had become very close with her. Misfortune had come upon Betty in the form of cancer. Because of her importance in the company, Betty was given accommodations in her home to allow her to work while being restricted to her bed, but in addition she was also in need of someone to help care for her. A nurse periodically checked up on her, but she needed someone to help feed her and aid her with her basic needs.

You are given an unpredictable offer from the company because of its loyalty in its employees, and because of the relationship you have with one of its most valuable employees. This offer gives you the option of being relocated to Betty’s home to continue improving your accounting career while helping care for Betty as well. If you do not wish to accept this offer, you are not penalized from the company in any way, you are just given a new manager to work with, but if taken, the internship will not count for credit at your college. If you do accept the offer you will be viewed very highly in the eyes of many of the employees at Marion Tax, and you believe this will give you a better chance at obtaining a full-time position with the company.

You must make an imperative decision. Are you for action to accept the offer to relocate to Betty’s home, or against action to continue your internship at the workplace? Given the ethical perspectives, how do you decide what to do?

For Action: relocating to Betty’s home.

Position A – The Rights Perspective

1. This decision does not impede the ability for those impacted to succeed. Betty is given the help she needs, and I am given valuable knowledge contributing to my accounting career. 2. This decision ensures that all individuals are treated with respect and are protected from injury because Betty does not lose her job, and I am given an important offer from the accounting firm that is the place I wish to remain working at. 3. This decision is being made because it is the right thing to do, not because it will produce a certain end. 4. I am willing to have someone else use this reason in deciding how they will treat me. This is a very noble offer for me to engage in, and many people will respect me for choosing this decision.

Position B – The Results Perspective

1. This decision promotes the goals which are part of human well-being including health, wealth, fellowship, and security. 2. This is the outcome that results in the greatest good for the greatest amount of people because Betty and I...
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