Make the World a Better Place : Be an Environmental Advocate

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Make the World A Better Place : Be an Environmental Advocate

As times have changed , so has our planet . Global warming has become a critical issue in today 's society , and it will not go away unless we do something about it . There are people all around the globe who have made the change and decided to be conscious of the health of our world Unfortunately however , it is not enough . As long as the majority of society continues to rely on fossil fuels, continues to waste energy and continues destroying forests , our planet will continue to suffer . If we are to change the fate of our beautiful planet , society as a whole must take immediate action . To make the world a better place , we all should become environmental advocates , and take a stand to save humanity . We must make environmentally conscious changes in our own lives , teach those around us , and lead by example to make a difference .Above all else , every single person on the planet must change the way they live day to day . We must be aware of every potential harmful affect of every activity we engage in . Every gallon of gas saved , light turned off , and computer unplugged will impact the future of the Earth Emissions from fossil fuels are the cause of global warming , and presently our society relies on these fossil fuels to function on a daily basis . By carpooling , walking , turning off the air conditioner and unplugging appliances that we are not using , we can each save a substantial amount of energy . If everyone does just a little , it will add up to a lot

Next we should each take the initiative to teach others about the importance of being environmentally conscious . Some people do not understand how critical global warming has become , and therefore , can only change by learning . Others do not realize how easy it is to make small changes in life that will make a big difference , such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs . If we all would simply casually mention energy...
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