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TwitClub Blackhat Method
We all know that increasing your Twitter followers can be a costly, demanding, and time consuming task that will leave you tired and normally disappointed at your results. If you don’t believe that then go out and try and purchase a pack of Twitter followers. You will get those followers, but the majority of them are fakes! And by fakes I mean that they are not real Twitter users, but really spam accounts created to be sold as followers. For the majority of us that is not what we need, we need real legitimate followers! That is where TwitClub comes in handy. This simple system allows you to follow and be auto-followed by every member of the site, and there are hundreds of thousands of members! This blackhat method will step-by-step explain how to use and abuse the TwitClub system to get thousands of followers for a mere $0.01, and an hour of work a day!

Table of Contents
 Get 100,000 TwitClub points for only $0.01! Learn this quick and simple method to get 100,000 TwitClub points for only $0.01, and the best part is you can repeat it as many times as you would like!  How-to exploit TwitClub to spend points rapidly.

There is no need to manually spend points on TwitClub, at least not with this exploit script!  How-to get points on TwitClub when unfollowed.

Don’t let getting unfollowed bring you down, this script makes getting all those valuable points back a piece of cake.  How-to inject JavaScript on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Being new to JavaScript injection won’t slow you down when you have this easy to use guide on JavaScript injection.

Get 100,000 TwitClub points for only $0.01!
I am going to break this down as simply as possible so that all of our purchasers can understand how and why this works the way it does! Firstly, if you haven’t been on TwitClub before you will need to head there now and login via Twitter. Now you will need to navigate to the “Add Points” page on TwitClub. You can...
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