Make Money Work for You

Topics: Wealth condensation, Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Pages: 4 (1710 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Ramon Ontiveros
English 1301
Professor Arturo Valdespino
23 September 2012
Essay 1
The game already started, and if people do not decide to start learning its rules, then they will lose something bigger than their money; they will lose their liberty. People claim that they already know the rules of the game, but most of them haven’t realized that the world has a new game. The rules have drastically changed. In actuality, citizens cannot play with the formula of their grandparents. It is obsolete and inadequate for the revolutionary “money’s system.” However people do not know this, and they keep their old habits inherit by their parents. These unconscious generations have taken the nation to a gigantic economic crisis that is now affecting the whole world. So what game is this? It is the Information Age’s game. A completely new mentality will be needed to thrive in these times of economic crisis. College loans and unemployment statistics along with a world recognized economist, Richard Duncan, and a successful entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki, demonstrate that employment is the slavery of the 21st century, and getting financially educated is the key for success. Before starting, it would be interesting to point out some opinions from EL Paso Community College students based on a survey made by one of its students. The purpose of it was to focus on students, their environment in general, and how it affects them financially. Out of the 40 students interviewed 30 answered that they knew what a financial statement was. However once they were asked what was it, only 10 students were able to define it; thus demonstrating financial ignorance of the most of the students. Then, when they were asked what they do with their extra money, the results were that 22 spend it, 17 save it, and only 1 responded that he invest it. Of the total of students only 24 worked, and out those, 8 believe that what they earn is fair in comparison to how they work, the rest believe it is...
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