Make Gmp Training More Interesting

Topics: Presentation of Mary, Thought, The Trainer Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Make GMP training more interesting
At some point every year (or perhaps every 2 years) someone in a pharmaceutical organisation will say “It’s time to think about this year’s GMP training”.  This statement will usually be received with little enthusiasm from those who hear it, but nevertheless a plan will be formed to deliver the training over the next 4 or 5 months or so.  On the day of the training the majority of delegates will arrive with equally low levels of enthusiasm as the annual chore of GMP training begins.  “Right – let’s make a start” the trainer will say, as the delegates think “well let’s get this over and done with” as they listen (whilst trying to stay awake) to the focus area of this year’s training – which is usually what they did so badly wrong last year! Now this might not be exactly what happens in your own organisation, but I am sure that some elements of the above ring true.  This does beg some really important questions for me.  We know we have to have GMP training – but why is it generally done so badly?  Is there a way in which it can be done so much better than it often is? Of course it is not always done badly, but GMP training by its nature is going to be difficult (but not impossible) to make a stimulating topic.  What is important is that you offer a course that whilst getting your main message across is done in an interesting, fun and captivating manner.  If you are involved in GMP training then here are some tips for you. The trainer:

One problem for GMP training is who is going to present it?  Few organisations these days have dedicated GMP trainers, but some still do.  Often GMP training is done by Quality Assurance personnel who, whilst very knowledgeable, may not always be the best presenters.  Try and select trainers on their ability to present the material rather than their expertise.  If the presentation is poor – then the message is usually lost.  Focus on presentation skills first and foremost. The subject:

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