Make an Investigation Into the Evidence of Common Ancestry, with Reference to the Pentadactyl Limb and Biochemical Techniques, Using Examples Where Appropriate

Topics: Evolution, Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: January 4, 2013

Aim: Make an investigation into the evidence of common ancestry, with reference to the pentadactyl limb and biochemical techniques, using examples where appropriate.

For many years there has been a world wide debate on how we became to be, however it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that we began to question the stories of creation told by the bible. It was believed up until this time that all animals, plants insects and life in general was created by god as it is stated in the book of genesis. It took the discovery of fossils to start arousing new ideas and discoveries.

Lamarck was one of the first scientists to propose a theory of evolution – the contents however proved to be wrong but the idea which nowadays is widely recognised gave rise to public scandal and debate. It wasn’t until Darwin published his book ‘The origin of species’ that the theory of evolution became accepted and explained.

Darwin did not publish his book for many years in fear that his research would be discarded due to the religious beliefs held by most of the country; but he was forced to publish his book when another scientist ‘Alfred Russell Wallace’ came up with a thesis similar to his, he had no choice but to put his fears aside despite the conflict it may cause and publish the work that he spent so many years perfecting. In July 1858 a joint statement was released by Darwin and Russell in the Linnaean Society of London, outlining the discoveries they had made – little did they know it would change the world forever.

Darwin suggested the process of natural selection which is simply explained as the survival of the fittest, with the strongest best adapted animals living to a mature age and being able to breed and pass on there genes. Another suggestion from Darwin’s book was that some animals have the same anatomy. This suggests that different species had originated from a common ancestor. A good example of this is the pentadactyl limb (five fingered limb), this...
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