Majority Rules and Minority Rights

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  • Published : August 15, 2008
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Majority Rules and Minority Rights

Defining majority in simple terms is to have more than 50 percent. So when talking about Majority Rules in a democratic society, it must be altered to guarantee rights that with protect the minorities. A democracy helps soften the blow with Minority rights. No matter the outcome a majority vote can not overrule the rights of the minority; they are protected because democratic laws protect all citizens. The minority group will depend on the situation. When it comes to elections the minority would be the group that has less representation. When a decision is being voted on there will be differing opinions and the groups that form will be the majority, group containing the most votes, and the minority, the group containing the least votes. To insure the minority rights the Constitution has made it so the majority has some direct voting for representatives, senators and presidents, however not total control. The senate is also voted on by the state legislatures, judges by the president and confirmed by the senate and the president by the Electoral College. This helps in protecting other minority rights and majority rules. Also in Article I, section 2, paragraph 1 of the Constitution it states the term for representatives to be 2 years, senators 6 and presidents 4 years. Public officials are elected by the people, first they must announce they are running for public office, they then form a committee and begin campaigning for the people’s votes. The voting times are staggered as well to ensure the popular majorities are unlikely to overwhelm those who govern. Another way to protect minority rights and majority rules is the complicated amending process of the Constitution. This was created to allow for majority opinion but slow down the process allowing time for political leaders to deliberate at there own pace, leaving room for debate. There are two ways of proposing an amendment and two ways of ratifying an...
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