Major Resources in Bahrain

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Major Resources in Bahrain

Natural Pearls in Bahrain

It may be surprising for some people to note that there was other industry in Bahrain before oil was struck.  In fact, the pearl industry was huge before oil was found and Bahrain is still world renowned to this day for its natural pearls. You can always be sure, if the pearl originated in Bahrain it is one of the best in the world because of the uniqueness of the pearls found in the waters around that island. History of Pearls

Pearl enthusiasts all agree that the world’s best pearls throughout history have come from the Persian Gulf and most notably around the island of Bahrain.  This is probably due to their abundance and ability to form naturally without being cultured.  Today, India is probably the host of the largest stock of pearls.  But, many of those pearls were originally collected from the waters around Bahrain.  Unique Pearls of Bahrain

The pearls collected in the waters of Bahrain are very unique.  They tend to have a special lustre which many argue comes from the mixture of salt and fresh water around the island due to fresh water springs on the sea bed.  Pearls are also unique in Bahrain largely due to the fact that Bahrain does not allow cultured pearls.  Dangers of Pearl Fishing

Pearl fishing is and always has been a very dangerous business.  Divers of the 19th century often found themselves falling victim to the many perils of the sea that also created their livelihood.  During those days, they did not have the advanced gear divers are accustomed to using today, and instead dived out in the summer months to look for pearls until they ran out of breath.  At that point, they were pulled up by a rope to start the process over.  They had to be very careful of the reefs, sharks, and jelly fish while diving. Striking Oil

In the 1930s large deposits of oil were discovered around the island of Bahrain.  Sadly, this discovery put an abrupt end to the natural pearl industry of the Persian...
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