Major Project - Industrial & Employee Relations

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Course Name:Major Project (Practicum)

Submitted to :Sandra O’Meally / Lloyd Waller

Submitted by (Group):Group 8 – Industrial & Employee Relations

Student I.D.# s:(see Appendix 6)

Tel.#s (work):(see Appendix 6)

Tel.#s (home):(see Appendix 6)

Title of Assignment:Industrial & Employee Relations in Telegens Inc.

Date of Submission:March 12, 2006

CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: We certify that we are the authors of this paper and that any assistance we received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper. We have also cited any sources from which we used data.

Students Signatures:

Terriann Smith (Group Leader)Kamoy Douglas

Joan LawrenceDwight Hyde

Jacqueline PowellRon Walker


Executive Summaryiii – iv

Section 1: Introduction
Context of Research1 - 2
Research Statement3
Research Hypothesis3
Significance of Study3

Section 2: Background
History of Industrial Relations4
Development of the IR System in Jamaica4 - 5
Industrial Relations Climate in Jamaica6
Background of the Company7 - 8

Section 3: Literature Review
The Importance of Industrial Relations9
Approaches to Industrial Relations9 - 10
Management Responsibility11
Organisational Design11 – 12
J. T. Dunlop’s Systems Approach12

Section 4: Research Design
Methods of Data Collection13

Section 5: SWOT Analysis14
Strengths14 - 15
Weaknesses15 - 16
Threats17 – 18


Section 6: Analysis of Findings
Results of Employee Questionnaires19 - 20
Results of Managers Questionnaires20 - 21
Comparison of both results21 - 22
Results of the Interview with an Industrial Relations Practitioner22 - 23

Section 7: Discussion of Implications24 - 25

Section 8: Recommendations26 - 28

Section 9: Operational Definition of Key Variables
Industrial Relations29
Industrial Relations Practices29

Appendix 1 – Mission Statementii
Appendix 2 – Questionnaires (Employee & Manager)iv - vii
Appendix 3 – Organisational Charts (Past & Present)ix - x Appendix 4 – Organisations Purpose and Core Valuesxi
Appendix 5 – Analysis of Questionnaire Matrix & Demographicsxii – xiv Appendix 6 – Group 8 Members Informationxv
Appendix 7 – Log of Activitiesxvi - xix
Appendix 8 – HR Reportxx


Executive Summary

Our research sought to investigate how one small Jamaican company deals with Industrial Relations in that organization. Specifically we looked at Telegens Inc., a small company situated in New Kingston, Jamaica. This Company is in the business of providing wireless broadband telecommunications services, employing mostly professionals in the field of Information Technology with very few administrative staff members. It is with these facts in mind, that we approached the question of Industrial Relations in that company, in the context of the constraints of the management of the company and the present Industrial Relations climate in Jamaica. The Industrial Relations landscape in Jamaica has mostly been adversarial, starting with our history of masters and slaves and the only way of dealing with conflict was through rebellion. There have been some incremental changes over the years leading up to the most recent Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act of 1975, the principles of which are now used as the basis for minimum employment standards. Today, the Industrial Relations scene is mostly quiet with both management and employees making compromises in negotiating...
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