Major Personality Attributes Influencing Ob

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Major personality attributes influencing OB
Core Self-Evaluation: people who have positive core self-evaluation like themselves and see themselves as effective, capable and in control of their environment. Meanwhile, they will dislike, question their capabilities themselves if they have negative core self-evaluation. There are 2 main kinds: * Self-esteem: is defined as individuals degree of liking or disliking themselves and the degree to which they think they are worthy or unworthy as people. * Locus of control: is the degree to which people believe they are masters of their own fate. Machiavellianism: People who are high in Machiavellianism is pragmatic, maintains emotional distance. They tend to believes that ends can justify means. Narcissism: a person in high narcissism is arrogant, requires excessive admiration, have a grandiose sense of self-importance. Self- Monitoring: people high in self-monitoring show considerable adaptability in adjusting their behavior to external, situational factors. They are also highly sensitive Risk taking: Risk-taking refers to the tendency to engage in behaviors that have the potential to be harmful or dangerous, yet at the same time provide the opportunity for some kind of outcome that can be perceived as positive. Type A Personality: they can be expressed as aggressively involved in a chronic, incessant struggle to achieve more and more in less and less time, and ,if required to do so, against the opposing efforts of other things or other persons. Proactive personality: As organizations attempt to cope with more dynamic competitive environments, there has been a growing interest in workers who are not only cooperative, but who are self-starting and proactive in helping their organizations function more effectively Indeed, the competitive advantage and success of organizations is thought to be increasingly dependent upon personal initiative and proactive behavior.  Personality and National Culture

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