Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association: Similarities and Differences

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  • Published : May 9, 2006
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Many people believe that Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association are very different. They are not only different but they are also very similar. Both are two of the five highest grossing sports leagues in the United States. They are very popular and they both draw in very large crowds. These two sports have been around for many years, and they both look to have promising futures.

Major League Baseball, also known as the M.L.B. This baseball league is a league of thirty teams based in many different cities in the United States and Canada. The National Basketball Association also known as the NBA, is a league of thirty teams as well. Just like the MLB, teams are based in the United States and Canada. Both Leagues are leagues of many athletes, but the only difference is that the MLB has a 40 man roster per team and the NBA's roster is only 14 players per team. In the NBA younger is better, and many veterans are usually out of a job after seven or eight seasons. Baseball is totally different. Many baseball players get great big contracts well into their forties. And the older players usually have the larger contracts and the better stats. Where as young players have the larger contracts in the NBA.

The MLB only allows eight total teams in the playoffs whereas the NBA allows sixteen teams. A salary cap is non existent in the MLB. Teams owners can spend as much money as they want to on players and they have no limits on the amount they can spend. The NBA has a set cap limit that cannot be past. Every season it rises and this allows players to make more money and small market teams to compete with the large market teams. Although the two leagues differ here, both are multi-billion dollar businesses with many TV contracts. Because of all of this money, teams all over the U.S. and Canada, spend lots of money on large arenas. Some baseball stadiums can hold up to sixty thousand people and basketball arenas...
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