Major Issues Police Departments Face

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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The Issue police departments are facing major issues, in today’s society. Police departments are greatly understaffed, and sadly they fail to meet there recruitment quota. Money is the main sources of issues we face in America. If money is scarce in certain regions, then some police officers are willing to pack up and move to areas where they may pay more. Quite frankly I see this issue as being something good. For example, the job of a police officer is very risky. They stand the chance of losing their life everyday they are on patrols. If they put their lives on the line to protect the community and its property, then they should be paid something reasonable. The same goes for Soldiers who takes part in the army. My brother and sister are in the army. They have worked their way up to the rank of an E6, they claim that the pay they receive are quite good for the job hey are doing. My brother has spent 3 years in the Middle East, and my sister stayed for 2 years. They both came back to the mainland of America, and are now working on base as a supply sergeant and a recruitment officer. Police officers are more likely now to join the army because of the salary they receive as well as the benefits they will get. They can become an active duty soldier, a military police officer, or any other job of their choice, as long as it’s available, and they gain the right requirements. Homeland security, collects the data’s that has been collected by the police departments so that they can help register the names of those who immigrated, are of certain races, and ethnicities. If they have received data , that contains a high rate of immigrants being caught by police, they can then analyze that information’s, and increase their strength in that particular region. There have been a huge rate of immigrants who evade homeland security, and they get themselves into America. They would sometimes get caught, but those that get caught after gaining entry in America, will be reviewed...
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