Major in Success Reaction Essay

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Patrick Combs’ Major in Success proves to be an extraordinarily valuable tool for college students interested in deriving the most from their college experience. The book contains ample advice for facilitating a sometimes confusing time as an undergraduate student while managing to fire up dreams that can translate into amazing post-graduation opportunities, specifically jobs. Combs divides the book into sections, which include the Dream Job and the Action Plan. Each of these two parts encourages students to pursue a brand of success that will provide personal satisfaction and happiness by providing useful tips for getting the most out of their time in school.

In the very beginning of the book, the author stresses the importance of having extraordinary drive. It becomes obvious that intelligence and family background are not enough to push somebody past mediocrity. This is an often overlooked but nonetheless enlightening truth. Students need to discover their passions because “doing what [they] enjoy propels [them] to success” (4). By figuring out what truly interests a student, they are then able to pinpoint their aspirations and discover career paths related to a particular interest. Combs offers unexpectedly simple methods of identifying where an individual’s passions lie. These include determining a passion based on a favorite magazine or by simply writing down personal sources of inspiration on a regular basis. He extends guidance and comfort to those with many talents, those whose passions continuously change, and those who may be unsure as to what exactly interests them.

One of the most interesting chapters of the book was that which focused on selecting a college major. Combs insists that choosing a major is not a major life choice because many people end up in jobs unrelated to their college major. This is a reassuring truth for the many students who stress about their choice of area of study. Employers are more interested in a...
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