Major Global Crimes

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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One of the major global crimes that are affecting our nation in a major way is organized crime. Organized crime use to impact just society nationally, but now it is a big international problem. In the last decade organized crime groups have spread worldwide creating a global threat to the international community. Criminal groups have connected themselves to international networks in order to carry out their illegal activities in a more sophisticated way; by doing this it has resulted in organized crime groups to infiltrate different financial and political systems all over the world. “The internationalization of organized crime is evidenced by the increasing expansion of major illegal markets such as those linked to trafficking in drugs and arms, trafficking in human beings, other forms of smuggling and money-laundering.” By them bringing in more drugs into our country the level of violence is rising as well as more officials are being brought. These groups are also using extortion, inimidation, and murder to keep their operations going. The underground operations that include human trafficking and prostitution bring misery to all that are force to sell themsleves as well as the families and friends. Some of the major groups that the national and international justice systems are working on right now are the Russian mobsters who fled to the United States when the Soviet Union collapsed. African counties like Nigeria that are heavy into drug trafficking and money scams. The Chinese Tongs, Japanese Boryokudan, Asian crime rings, and other that have emerged out of Hungary and Romania. All of these groups have connections in various parts of the United States and are taking advantage of as many of our citizens as possible. Some of the crime families have even joined forces because they see that by coming together they have even more to gain than working against one another. Organized crime has had such a global effect on our nation that several projects have been...
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