Major German Retail Banks Assignment

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  • Published : January 10, 2011
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Major German Retail Banks
The major banks in Germany are:
* Deutsche Bank
* Commerzbank (in German)
* Postbank (in German)
* Dresdnerbank  
* Volksbank (in German)
* Sparkasse (in German)
There are also many regional banks, such as the Berliner Bank or Hamburger Bank. The Savings Bank (Sparkasse) and People's Bank (Volksbank) also have regional branches, which are named according to their location (for example Sparkasse Leipzig or Berliner Volksbank). Banking technologies allow for online transactions, standing orders and the use of ATMs to make bill payments. Cardholders of some banks may use others' free of charge and the banks themselves are becoming more open-plan, providing easy access to business advisors and clerks. How to Open a Bank Account

It is quite easy to open a bank account in Germany, although it is essential to be registered in the country and have the correct documentation. The following documents are required: * Proof of registration in Germany (polizeiliche Anmeldebestätigung): This can only be obtained by EU member state residents or holders of a German residence permit * Address in Germany: This is written on the registration form and is required to obtain an account in the country * Passport: As proof of identification

* Student Identification: In order to open a student account Go to the chosen bank taking the documents and ask to open an account (ein konto eröffnen). There are several forms to complete, a bank clerk will be able to help. A welcome pack providing information about the bank's services is normally presented and the account details and bank card are sent by post within a few days (depending on the bank). It is wise to keep copies of all bank documentation as well as statements for future reference. Services offered

The services provided by the bank and the administrative service charges may differ from bank to bank.  Services normally offered include:
* Current account...
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