Major Difference in Organizational Buyers and Consumer Buyers

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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There is a major difference in organizational buyers and consumer buyers. The organizational customers are buyers who purchase products or services for resale, further their productions, and for resale. There is a variety of organizational buyers; including: producers of goods and services, intermediaries, government units, and nonprofit organizations. While individual Consumers buy for personal, family, or household usage (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). Whirlpool’s new product, “Dual Force King” could have a large variety of organizational buyers; including: producers of goods (hotels, daycares, and hospitals), intermediaries (Sears, Home Depot, Rent One, Lowe’s, and Best Buy), government units (prisons and youth centers), and nonprofit organizations (outreach renters, churches, and shelters). Organizational buyers will purchase products that will satisfy their needs, just as the individual buyer. The producers of good’s will look at how the Dual Force King, can help them satisfy their own customers. The hotel, daycare, and hospital industry will look at factors such as: does this product save time, money and energy, while providing clean laundry. The intermediaries look at factors that will determine if they can make a profit from reselling the Dual Force King. So they will determine if customers will buy this product, is it something that customer’s want and is its price affordable to the customers that they will be reselling too. Will they save, lose, or make money by purchasing this product? The factors that will influence the government units and nonprofit organizations will consist of: will the Dual Force King help to meet their legal and social obligations; at a price they afford while saving time and energy.

The factors that will influence the individual buyers are basically the same as the government units and nonprofit organizational buyers. The individual will want to know if the Dual Force King is a product that can provide them with...
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