Major Conflict in Theogony

Topics: Zeus, Demeter, Gaia Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: July 3, 2011
Major conflicts in the Theogony
Having read the Theogony, I can briefly say that Hesiod tries to portray the similar connections of three generation of gods; as well as emphasizing the major conflicts between the matriarchal and patriarchal systems. When we look through what has come into existence first, we encounter with Chaos, which indicates the complication of things for a while. After Chaos, the great goddess Gaea, who is the head of the matriarchal system (symbolizing fertility), comes to life. She gives birth to the universe without the help of man, what we call parthenogenesis. This demonstrates her magnificent power as a deity. In the matriarchal system women are considered magical because they are the only creatures that have the ability to give birth. This skill is very crucial for sustaining the cycle of nature. However, later, when the matriarchal system is overthrown  by the patriarchal, we  run into Zeus  who gives birth to Athena from his head  without a mate. The significance of this unusual birth is, now the male has the power to be the creator and the female power is transferred into male wisdom. After Gaea, Tartaros and Eros come to life. Then Gaia and Ouranos ( who used to be her consort) lay together (becomes her lover and husband) and bear the twelve Titans. The last Titan, which she bears, is Kronos. She later bears the Kyklopes, who have one eye in the middle of their foreheads. Zeus uses them against the Titans in the war, which we see later in the poem. From the day they are born (the moment they come out of the womb), Gaea’s children hate their father. This is because Ouranos has hidden them in Gaea’s womb and has not let them return to light. Ouranos has done that because he is afraid that one of his sons may take his place. We see the conflict between the matriarchal and patriarchal here as the sons belong to Gaea, representing the feminine domination. If one of the children overthrows his father then the matriarchal...
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