Major Characteristics of Good Governance

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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What is good governance?
It is a term used to determine how the government administers a country. This term is used to find out how the public institutions perform public affairs and organize public resources in order to assure the awareness of human rights. It is applied in order to achieve peace and unity among the communities within the country.

Major characteristics of good governance
* Participatory
* Leadership
* Follows the rule of law
* Effective and efficient
* Equitable and inclusive
* Responsive
* Transparency
* Accountability
* Consensus oriented
* Honesty and integrity
* Objectivity

Hindrances to good governance
* Distance. Communication is very important to maintain peace. Especially, personal communications that is why if the leader and its subordinate are far from each other, there is a tendency that misunderstanding will occur. * Misrepresentation. Speaking in a formal or at least in a semi-formal way is very important to avoid judgments on the statements that are being expressed by others.

* Lack of leveling. Leaders must speak to its subordinates in the level that they will understand it because there are different level of knowledge and expertise.

* Time pressure. Leaders must be ready for pressure because they are often pressured to make decisions in a very short period of time.

* Personal incompatibility. A leader’s personality is very important to be able to get the trust and easiness of its subordinates. Advantages of having good governance
* The country having good governance is likely to be one of the most developed countries in the world. It is because when a country has good governance, almost all the citizens are refined, cultured, responsible, follows the rule, and so on.

* Since one characteristic of good governance is equitable, the resources are most likely to be distributed fairly and wisely, and it will benefit all the people in that...
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