Major Causes of Fatal Road Accidents

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  • Published : November 12, 2010
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Major Causes of Fatal Road Accidents.
Road accidents have become a natural occurrence on the streets, byways and highways not only in Lagos but in various parts of the country. Just yesterday, as I was coming back from a stroll, a Van recklessly sped past without concern for other road users thereby causing a collision between two commercial motor – cyclists. There are various causes of these accidents, some of which include carelessness, drunkenness, untrained drivers (i.e. those without knowledge of road signs), mal -functioning traffic lights and impatient drivers. We also have bad roads, spoilt street lights and vehicles that are not road – worthy. A lot of accidents happen as a result of cars unexpectedly running into obstructions and road hazards on the country's highways. These hazards include potholes, damaged road sections and other objects (e.g. broken down vehicles, abandoned vehicle parts etc) on the roads. Vehicles then tend to somersault as a result of these potholes (which can be pretty deep). Other vehicles somersault or run into other vehicles on the road while trying to avoid these unexpected hazards. Another factor is the remarkable absence of road signage on most of Nigeria's Highways. These make it difficult for non-locals to use any stretch of roads without prior tutoring regarding the 'dos' and 'don’ts' of each stretch. Under carelessness we have various examples of which include drivers who do not consider others, drivers that have no care for road signs. Some turn off the road or stop suddenly without any indication, make/receive calls on the road, have conversations with other people in the vehicle. All these can cause one accident or the other. Also, driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicative substances can cause road accidents. Some drive under stress caused by economic or family problems which because of their state of mind affect...
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