Majestic Mombasa

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  • Published : May 3, 2006
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"Majestic Mombassa"
As I lay in the comfort of the large, elegant hotel room, the bright morning sunlight streams effortlessly through the spotless sliding glass doors. The white sheets lay gently over me as I begin to stretch and blink as the sun finally finds its way to my eyes and awakens me with the feeling of a large warm hand brushing against my face. I lay there feeling the room heat up as though it were a small pot of water sitting on a blazing furnace. The only thing to do is get up and get ready to enjoy more of the amazing beauty of Mombassa, Kenya.

I calmly pull back the soft, almost velvety sheets and allow my feet to gently touch the cool tile. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I look out at the gorgeous sunrise and endless, sparkling ocean that lies like a sheet of glass at the edge of the white sand beach that is littered with green and brown seaweed and sea shells of all shapes, sizes and colors. The sun glistens brightly off of the water and the heat only seems intensified by the mirror-like surface. I blink more as the sun begins to rise and the water reflects the bright light into my eyes.

I manage to pull myself out of the comfort of the bed and slowly walk to the door of the balcony. Opening the door, I am immediately greeted by the fresh scent of the salty ocean air and the sweet aroma of flowers in blossom. I hear the strange shouts and murmurings of different languages being spoken. I feel the soft, almost breath-like breeze that is coming in from the ocean and my hair blows gently back from my face.

The view from my balcony is one from a post card or dream. Below me is a huge freshwater swimming pool with three people in full scuba gear learning to scuba dive. Off to the side of the pool are some women sun tanning as well as a man and a boy playing catch with a football. Some of the local people are moving around making sure everything is in perfect condition as well as making sure that everyone is comfortable and...
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