Maintenance Cdc Vol 1

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Self-Test Questions

001. Accident prevention measures and housekeeping
1. List the personal characteristics that cause a person to perform an unsafe act, or to overlook or tolerate an unsafe condition.
Inattentiveness,excitability, impatience, and stubbornness
What should be accomplished after any maintenance action? The area should be policed and left in a clean,
orderly condition. All tools and equipment must be accounted for and stored, as well as any debris removed from the hangar or work area
Failure to clean up drips and spills can cause what dangers? Slips and falls
List the principles of ORM.
Accept no unnecessary risk. Make risk decisions at the appropriate level to establish clear accountability. Accept risk when benefits outweigh the costs. Integrate ORM into AF doctrine and planning at all levels. What’s considered to be the direct cause of many accidents? Unsafe acts and conditions

What is called a practical joke, but is a major cause of accidents? Horseplay
What precaution should be taken when wearing metal-framed eyeglasses around an energized electrical circuit?
Removing the eyeglasses before handling the circuit
What type of protective clothing do you wear while working around hot exhaust or tailpipes? Gloves and long sleeved shirts
What position do you assume to lift an object from a level lower than your waist? Squatting position
What are the four major phases of safety training?
Initial training, Supervisor safety training, Job safety training, General training Why must supervisors be given formal safety training?
Must have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of accident prevention if they are to carry out their assigned responsibilities of determining and eliminating hazards. Supervisors must have accident prevention “know how” if they are to train their personnel successfully in on-the-job safety. Figure 1–4. Handling material

Name the two most frequent methods used in job safety training. Personal interviews and “five minute” stand up talks. When should you replace cracked or broken tools?
As soon as they become cracked, chipped or broken.
How can you do your part in preventing fires in all maintenance areas? Don’t allow oily rags to accumulate. Obey the signs in the no smolking areas. Never deposit cigarettes or matches in wastebaskets. Never allow your clothing to become saturated with flammables. If this happens, change clothing as soon as possible, wash your body immediately. Don’t permit flammable liquids to be stored in open containers. 002. Facts about sealants, solvents, and adhesives

What must be considered to make a sealant effective?
That the right sealant is chosen for the specific area or situation. What TOs cover sealants, solvents, and adhesives?
TOs 42A3–1–2
Sealants are packaged and available in what general U/Is? Two part can kit, Semikit cartridge, and premixed and frozen. What is the sealant application life?
Sealing compound remains usable at 75F and 50 percent humidity. What is the purpose of solvents?
To dissolve oily and greasy soils.
003. Safety for the aircraft maintenance journeyman
List three sources of antenna radiation.
Electromagnetic radiation, High-frequency radio transmitters, radar, and electronic countermeasure.
What are the effects of antenna radiation on the human body and vital organs? Burns, cataracts, damage to internal organ.
Briefly describe the hazards associated with an overheated brake assembly. Excessive braking can weaken the wheel and tire structure, increase tire pressure, and create the possibility of fire or blowout. From what direction do you approach an aircraft with overheated brakes? excessive braking can weaken the

From the Nose or Tail direction of the aircraft.
List the major danger areas around an operating jet engine. Engine intake, engine exhaust, engine turbine...
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