Maintaining a Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment for Children

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  • Published : November 29, 2010
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My goal for the area of SAFE is to provide a safe environment for the children.

To meet this goal I check to make sure all toys are working properly, and not broken. After each day all of the toys are cleaned and sanitized. I teach them about strangers and how bad it is to talk to people we don’t know. I check the playground to make sure that everything is working and there is nothing sticking out that could hurt anyone. I put covers on the outlets so they can’t stick anything in them. There are locks on my cabinets to make sure they don’t get into them.

2. My goal for the area of HEALTHY is to make sure all of my children eat properly.

To meet this goal I make sure that they brush their teeth after each meal. After using the bathroom we all wash our hands for 20 seconds in warm water. I have taught them that when they cough they are to cough in their arm and not in their hands. I check shot records to make sure that all children’s shot are up to date. I play games with them to teach them good nutrition.

3. My goal for the area of LEARNING ENVIRONMENT is to make sure it is all age appropriate.

To meet this goal I set up age appropriate art stands. I provide many different opportunities for learning while they play. I plan activities that meet the children’s interest and needs. I set up my classroom in interest areas. I have blocks, a dress up area, puzzles, and books that the children play with. I change the materials every month so that the children stay interested in the toys that I have.
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