Maintaining Security and Privacy of Business Records

Topics: Information security, Identity theft, Computer security Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: June 25, 2011
Maintaining the security and privacy of business files and employee records. U06a1
Karen Lloyd
IT 3006
Communication Strategies for the IT Professional
June 12, 2011


In today’s business world the security and privacy of employee files, business trade secrets and proprietary information has became an increased problem. The information is being compromised and/or stolen from within the business environment itself. The files are not protected from unauthorized individuals. These files can be protected using various methods, such as individual user accounts or profiles, storing paper files in a secured area as well as, improved electronic data storage.

New employees will fill out many documents upon applying for employment and after accepting employment with a new company. These new and potential employees may not be giving any thought to the safety and privacy of their personal information. Within a corporation these records have been accessed for identity theft purposes. They are also viewed by employees that should not have access to these types of files.

A business stands to face the same type of security and privacy issues. Proprietary information that is important to a business’ success can be stolen, sold or sabotaged by employees within the company. Some of the information taken can be trade secrets, financial documentation and employee personnel files.

Description of Overall Problem

Businesses need to ensure the secure storage of company files and the guaranteed privacy of employee information. With the increased use and demand for network computing, information security has become a high priority. With all the ways in which someone can gain access to private and confidential information, the previous safe measures need to be enhanced and improved (Yaoxue Zhang; Laurenc T. Yang; Yuezhi Zhou; Wenyuan Kuang. 2010). For example, employee and company files are...
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