Maintaining Safe Environment

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My name is Carmel, I am presently doing a FETAC LEVEL 5, in health skills through the V.E.C. one of the modules is care of the older person, I decided to do this course because I would like to work with elderly people in my community, I have previously worked as a home help and a carer, I feel there is a great need to learn and up date new skills in this area as there is more elderly people living alone and some been cared for by family members in the family home instead of nursing homes.

I am specialising in Alzheimer’s disease as I have worked with a person with Alzheimer’s in the past and I now take care of an elderly person affected by the disease.


Jane is a lady in her eighties who suffers from Alzheimer’s, she has gone back in time to her youth and still thinks she is living at home, she has had Alzheimer’s for the past few years, her family did not realise this until Jane’s husband passed away she did not remember his passing or his funeral, she thought he was still in hospital and could not understand why they were not taking her to see him at this time Family decided to call the local GP he carried out some tests as a result of those tests they discovered Jane has Alzheimer’s.

Jane was cared for in the family home for five years at this point a very hard decision had to be made as Jane needed twenty four hour care it was decided Jane would have to go to a nursing home this was a very hard decision as Jane was still a very independent and active lady but needed to be kept busty all the time.

Jane would get up during the night thinking it was morning and she needed to light the fire and get breakfast ready, she though she was still caring for her family. She would mistake her own immediate family for cousins, aunty or brothers and on other occasions she would know them.

I spent a lot of time with Jane as I was her prime...
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