Maintaining Job Descriptions

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Include a brief summary of the situation.
InAndOut, Inc. is shipping and handling company owned by Ms. Alta Fossom that fulfills services between book printing companies and the publishers. They receive the books from the printing companies and prepare and ship the specific orders from the publishers. Alta delegates all of the company’s management and HR issues, with approval from her first, to Marvin Olson the General Manager. Because of the rapid growth of the company, InAndOut, Inc. has already hired several new employees and plan to hire more to fulfill the service demands from the publishers. These changes and expansions of the workforce have added responsibilities to Marvin’s management duties and he has had little time to devote to the HR management issues. Also due to the expansion of the workforce, the need for job descriptions has become a higher priority but the company has not updated any of its job descriptions in eight years. Some of the positions in the company do not even have a written job description. New job descriptions for every position in the company need to be updated, re-written, or created for the first time. Marvin has hired me as a part-time HR intern to help him with his HR duties and issues as well as to help him with updating and creating the current job descriptions. He wants my ideas and suggestions to prepare a proposal to present to Alta for approval.

Examine the reasons why it is important to update and write new job descriptions. Job descriptions are the basis of every position within an organization. They are important in the way that they explain in detail what responsibilities a position holds and how the employee who fills this position is expected to perform. Without a job description there is no certain way to know what is expected to be done or how it is to be done. Supervisors and managers would have no way of evaluating an employee if they do not have a basis to go by to know what tasks the employee...
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