Maintaining Financial Stability

Topics: Economics, Investment, Suze Orman Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: March 20, 2013
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“Maintaining Financial Stability during Hard Time”

Many Americans from all walks of life have been affected in some way or another by the economic issues that have impacted this country, but many argue that the country has suffered not only the biggest decline in financial stability, but in moral as well. The recession officially ran from Dec. 2007 – June 2009 according to the Census Bureau, but ever since then, economic growth has been slow, unemployment remains high, and many Americans families are still struggling. As many Americans are being redefined by poor economic conditions, people have been forced to find creative ways to hang on to some sort of sense of stability such as finding employment and devising a plan for budgeting. The first step in stabilizing your finances is to be able to find a source of income. Some of you probably have a source of income which is great, but for those that are still looking for part time income that fits your school schedule is essential. Internet access is a valuable source for locating information about different companies and their hiring process. Many corporations are taking applications online which have made it convenient for us to apply in the comforts of our home. Some companies are requiring that you apply online. Another way of finding a source of income is on campus. The schools have programs, such as work study programs, which gives students the opportunity to work on campus part time while working towards their degrees. In addition, Employment agencies are a useful source for getting help in finding employment as well. Once you have established a source of income the next step is creating a budget. Suze Orman states “ True financial freedom is achieved when your pleasure in saving money equals or exceeds your pleasure in spending it,” To achieve your goal in reaching financial stability is to start saving Rather than spending by setting up a plan for budgeting your expenses. Start by...
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